Who chose what?

May 15, 2019 | 1 minute read

Do we choose what we do? or is it the other way around?

My interest in computer programming started when I was fresh out of college. Back then, a process improvement opportunity came up and it volunteer myself in a project involving implementing a Moodle Platform as part of a curriculum development for a leadership program. I winged this project by looking at forums for help regarding every single aspect of its implementation, from configuration of site to hosting, and to SMPT configuration. I even got the opportunity to break the site once, while doing an update, and then probably a couple of times more while trying to make changes, upgrades or modifications to it.

What actually happened from that project is that it brought to me my first experience with technology. As I was reading online about eLearning I came across MOOCs and then somehow stumbled onto an edX course on Computer Programming. That was my first experience and this course proved very difficult, so I actually never got to finish it. However, a spark has been born and since then I’ve been interested in one way or another in information systems, coding and its business applications.

So why did I decide to learn coding? Software development is a little bit like education. You are ‘teaching’ the computer to do certain things, somehow computers if given the correct instructions can do amazing things and makes things easier. Coding is a powerful tool to have and it is indeed an empowering skill to develop. Being creative, solving problems and makes things better is a passion for me, that is why I decided to learn software development or maybe the other way around.