Looking Ahead

April 5, 2020 | 2 minute read

Closing-in a year of coding.

I have a calendar reminder in April 7. That was the day I signed up on Learn.co to prep for their software engineering coding bootcamp. I actually signed up a month before starting the bootcamp, this as a way to get as much preparation as possible.

That was, like a year ago? Time flies indeed.

If I was going to guess back then, how these days I was going to be writing about social distancing and promoting online and virtual networking, probably I never would’ve guessed that.

Let’s take a deep breath and reflect on what’s next, like the next chapter, of this coding journey.

So, what’s next?

  1. Continue Learning Algorithms and Data Structures
    • I began learning this last month after finishing the bootcamp. Data Structures and Basic Algorithms is a priority since unfortunately my coding bootcamp did not cover this as part of their 2019-2020 curriculum.
    • Terms like Big O, Recursion, or Dynamic Programming pop-in in coding interview questions all the time.
    • This will also prepare me to deal with issues in terms of scale, patterns and methodically apply them to day-to-day coding problems.
  2. Advanced JavaScript
    • I’ll want to expand on advanced concepts to lay on top of my JS fundation
    • Here I’m thinking digging deeper into closures, OOP, FP, error handling and ES6+ features.
    • Learning about the inner workings of JavaScript also seems appealing.
  3. Advanced React
    • Building Catoro was an amazing experience that brought a deep interest in React.
    • I’m thinking about implementing a React app without Create React App to practice using Webpack.
    • Gain knowledge and implement React Hooks as well as testing.
    • Dig into other server implementations, Firebase and GraphQL. Probably for this I’ll re-iterate on Yijing Ball Z to see how it plays with a different backend. Let’s see how many Yijing Ball Z’s can live on Github at the same time.
  4. Other
    • React Native, Node.js, Smart Contracts and Blockchain development (in no particular order).

What could be next?

I’m curious to see whether (or not) I will follow this path a year from now. If there are unexpected coding experiences in the road ahead, well that could be even better. After all, I’m a big fan of surprises ;)