Coding Cheats for Everyone Brewed by Felipe Bohórquez

Learning About Flexbox

It might be common to think that software engineers don’t have to deal or worry about UI, since it is delegated to UX designers. However learning about CSS patterns such as Flexbox is crucial to becoming a more thorough developer and problem solve with a design/layout mindset.

CSS Cool Tricks Cheatsheet 😎

If you always feel you have to look up CSS terms, checkout this cheatsheet! It will make your CSS life easier.

Three-Tier Architecture & Full-Stack Development

We often hear people talking about the three tier architecture for web development…while these tiers often have different languages, there are systems that implement a single language for all tiers

Getting Started with React Native

This article on React Native assumes previous knowledge on React so there will be concepts that come from React.

Mobile Development - Which Road To Take?📱

You will be surprised that many of the mobile applications that you use are actually hybrid mobile applications (using frameworks like React Native)…