Coding Cheats for Everyone Brewed by Felipe Bohórquez

Learning About Data Structures Part 1

Learning about data structures is an essential part of becoming a more experienced developers. Such knowledge will also help you to be a better problem solver.

Unix Cheatsheet🤓📗

Following in our cheatsheet series. We now tackle into Unix. As Web developers we live a lot in the terminal so knowing Unix commands is a key skill, so let’s dive in!

Simply BIG-O

If you apply to 100 companies, it can be that 1% would actually get back to you. This could be the case if you’re starting as a software developer. With that 1% you really need to be good at algorithms to take advantage of those precious opportunities.

Learning About Flexbox

It might be common to think that software engineers don’t have to deal or worry about UI, since it is delegated to UX designers. However learning about CSS patterns such as Flexbox is crucial to becoming a more thorough developer and problem solve with a design/layout mindset.

CSS Cool Tricks Cheatsheet 😎

If you always feel you have to look up CSS terms, checkout this cheatsheet! It will make your CSS life easier.