Coding Cheats for Everyone Brewed by Felipe Bohórquez

MongoDB - A Sweet Database 🥭

MongoDB is a NoSQL database…Each database can have one or more collection. What in RDBS are tables. Each collection can have one or more data structures or single entity called document, like table rows in RDBS.

Implementing Stripe API in React

Handling payments is very complex, not talking the security risks one can take if handling payment information. Stripe API, make things easier, secure and faster to deploy

Solving Callback Hell😈 - JS Promises and Async-Await in Node.js

Async/Await was introduced recently. In order to use async/await we need to use mark functions as async functions. Async functions return a promise and we can use one or more await functions.

React Hooks: Going Beyond useState

Hooks are fairly new, and there’s still a lot of hype around them. However, a lot of companies have built scalable apps without hooks. So for some companies, it’ll take time to migrate to Hooks.

Node.js + Express - Baby Steps 🍼

With Express we can easily build an stateless API…and follow patterns such as REST to build routes with GET, POST, PUT, you name it!