Coding Cheats for Everyone Brewed by Felipe Bohórquez

Preventing the Next NPM Virus Outbreak☣

Doing npm install seems like second nature these days for developers. But did you know that without proper attention and auditing of npm packages, the next time we unknowingly do npm i you could also be installing malicious scripts?

On CS Algorithms: Chapter II

We must remember that programs can be defined pretty much as data structures + algorithms. As we conclude this exploration we’ll be discussing Searching algorithms and Dynamic Programming.

On CS Algorithms: Chapter I

Today we’ll discuss regarding the last piece of the puzzle on good problem solving in software engineering, namely algorithms. On this first chapter we’ll talk about Recursion and Sorting Algorithms.

Beating The Technical Interview

In the last couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to interview with many companies…Today I’ll talk about some interviewing tips when tackling with such technical questions!

Learning About Data Structures Part 2

Learning about data structures is an essential part of becoming a more experienced developer. This is the second part of the series (and will be the longest one), buckle down 🚀.