Hi, I'm Felipe Bohórquez.

I am a passionate software engineer and social entrepreneur with a mission to make our world a better place.

About me 🙋‍♂️

I am a passionate software engineer and social entrepreneur. I am proud of my beginnings as a youth developer with inner-city kids then through education within the halls of congress and now in software engineering.

As a full-stack software engineer with a focus on React, Angular, Node.js, Typescript and JavaScript, I've built a robust portfolio including a professional coffee cupping app. I've also built custom library projects in other languages such as Ruby that have been used widely by the developer community.

As a social entrepreneur I have co-launched different projects in areas such as health (MomBox), sustainability (PowerToThePeople), specialty food through art (ArtesanoSpirit) and performing arts. Many of such ventures have been awarded in business competitions.

As a passionate writer, I've been an author for CareerKarma and I've done weekly articles on a variety topics on top Medium Publications.

Highlighted Projects 💻

Implemented UI employing React and Redux with React-Boostrap for styling. ES6+, React Hook-Form, and Chart.js.
Project logo
React, Rails
Yijing Ball Z
I-Ching Oracle Inspired by Dragon Ball Z. JavaScript frontend and implemented Node.js/Express API server.
Project logo
Vanilla JS, Express, MongoDB
Studio Ghibli's Fan Hub
React app with eCommerce built-in using Stripe API for payment gateway.
Project logo
React, Redux, Firebase