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I am a passionate software engineer and social entrepreneur. I am proud of my beginnings as a youth developer with inner-city kids then through education within the halls of congress and now in software engineering.

As a full-stack software engineer with a focus on React, Node.js and JavaScript, I've built a robust portfolio including a professional coffee cupping app. I've also built custom library projects in other languages such as Ruby that have been used widely by the developer community.

As a social entrepreneur I have co-launched different projects in areas such as health (MomBox), sustainability (PowerToThePeople), specialty food through art (ArtesanoSpirit) and performing arts. Many of such ventures have been awarded in business competitions.

I've also contributed as a technical writer for CareerKarma and have been featured on various tech journals on Medium.

Highlighted Tech Projects


Catoro |

Professional Coffee Cupping App. Implemented UI employing React and Redux with React-Boostrap for styling. Utilized JSON Web Tokens through React Google Login and localStorage to store encrypted user information. ES6+ JavaScript, React Hook-Form, and Chart.js.


Yijing Ball Z |

I-Ching Oracle Inspired by Dragon Ball Z. Vanilla JavaScript frontend and implemented Node.js/Express API server with MongoDB database and GraphQL querying for authenticating users. Handled AJAX CRUD calls in JSON. Used Facebook JS SDK.

Additional Projects

  • Studio Ghibli’s Fan Hub
    React app with eCommerce built-in using Stripe API for payment gateway. Implemented NoSQL Firebase for serverless storage. Login with Google Login and Styled Components patterns for UI. State management through React Hooks, Redux, enhanced by Redux Reselect / Redux Persist and Redux-Saga.
  • Magic Realism Library
    Magic Realism book site built with Gatsby plus Firebase backend for dynamic rendering.
  • Uff! - Street Art Finder
    Full MVC Rails app with RESTful patterns + PostgreSQL database. Implemented custom ActiveRecord model validations, authentication through Devise / Omniauth (Facebook, GoogleAuth) and password encryption through Bcrypt. Google Cloud Storage and MiniMagick.
  • Retro Snake
    Clone of the classic arcade game with HTML5 and JavaScript. Node.js/Express API + MongoDB backend to track high scores. Groove with the retro music and play on.
  • Coingecko (Ruby Gem)
    Ruby API Gem for Coingecko Blockchain Market Watch. More than 3K downloads to date.
  • Museo (CSS + SASS)
    Single page landing demo of tour company site. Used SASS + 7-1 architecture pattern with BEM methodology.
  • LuckyTube
    LuckyTube ensures you get a serendipitous dose of YouTube fun. Powered by a custom YouTube Data API v3 Ruby script. Built with Sinatra.

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